the webcam is overlooking the beautiful poppit sands , a beautiful sandy beach that overlooks cardigan island . Poppit sands is a favourite beach of surfers and kitesurfers due to the friendly surf and wind conditions it frequently gets.

inhabited by local seals,dolphins and porpoises all year ound, all of which can be seen at times with our surfwebcam which streams live 24 hours a day.

Backed by low dunes, the top of the beach comprises about 80m of dry, very loose sand, making it very popular with families. Lower down it is hard-packed. The beach slopes gently, and therefore the sea is shallow for quite a long way out. Even at high tide there is plenty of soft sand exposed.

On the eastern side of the dunes, erosion has formed sand cliffs over 4 metres (13 feet) high. New dunes are now building up close to the access boardwalk.

When the tide is fully out, the flats at the far south-eastern end extend for nearly a mile and almost reach Gwbert on the other side. However, due to the estuary there are unpredictable currents at this end of the beach.

At the north-western end of the beach there are rock pools which support a myriad of sea-life.

The area is a gathering spot forsurfers   and kitesurfers. As such, daily surf reports are seen on our live surf cam The hard sand below the high tide line also attracts power-kiting, land-boarding and buggying.

The beach is dog-friendly. Although some restrictions apply in the summer months, there is nevertheless a large area set aside for dog-walkers. The beach and the estuary flats are popular with dog-walkers all year round.

For fishermen the beach offers good catches of flounder and whiting in winter, andmullet can be caught near the river mouth,salmon and sea trout run the river from March to October (an Environment Agency rod licence is necessary if trying for sea trout on the incoming tide).