Here in Wales we have some of the best surfing beaches in the uk,with local surfing beaches in Pembrokeshire and ceredigion you can expect to find a wave to suit all your needs.

Surfing in Wales has taken off in the last 10 years however youy can still find plenty of room in the sea away from all the crowds that tend to gather at surfing beaches in cornwall or south wales.Pembrokeshire boasts some fine surfing beaches, be sure to check out the following beaches for the best surfing,

Top 10 surfing beaches in West Wales,

A long stretch of beach, offering easy access, car parking and more importantly, peaks along the length of the beach. The steep pebble banking spoils high tide waves but otherwise can be very good. As with Whitesands this beach is well provided with facilities which makes it a very popular and busy spot, although with such an expanse of beach and breaks it rarely suffers from over-crowding. It also boasts a web-cam of the beach.

Freshwater West
Widely accepted to be the most consistent surf spot in Wales, this combination of reef and beach breaks is the home of the Welsh National Surfing Championships. The long South West facing beach is capable of producing waves when most other spots are flat. Beginners should steer well clear of the reef - a strong Southerly current combined with powerful rips during bigger surf often sweep the unsuspecting out for a ride down the beach, surfers and body-boarders alike. This spot is capable of being way too big and unmanageable for all but the most experienced locals, it may be worth checking out smaller surf at Manorbier or Whitesands if this is the case. A great place to watch and learn, some of the locals here are great surfers. . In recent summers, during even the smallest surf, the line up can get quite busy with surfers waiting for the occasional wave at the optimum spot. Limited parking/toilets and occasional mobile facilities.

Freshwater East
Beach breaks here can work well but only in big swells. A smaller wave than Broadhaven South, it's often worth checking out when other breaks are too big. Suitable for beginners.

This small picturesque bay has a reef to the south end which produces a good right break over onto the beach. A consistent spot, but can become very busy. Beach breaks here are suitable for beginners. When conditions here are good the local boys move in in large numbers and show how it's done. When Freshwater West is too big, blown out or messy this can be the place. On a flat summer day it's the perfect family spot, but the relatively small beach gets crowded.

Porth Neigwl / Hell’s Mouth
North Wales’ best known surfing spot. The bay is four miles long with peaks to be found along the full length when the swell is good. A good range of wave sizes can be found to suit. The middle of the bay near the car park usually offers waves which are suitable for beginners.

A left hand point break and peaks along the beach. Suitable for beginners.

Aberystwyth Harbour Trap
Popular with the university students, this is the area’s most popular surf break. A boulder reef creates a left and right hand peak, but watch out for the swell and nearby sewage outlet. Not recommended for beginners.

Very popular surf spot, offering peaks along the length of the beach. Nearby surf shop, car park and lifeguards in summer make this a great place for beginners. When Freshwater West surf is too big this offers a smaller alternative.

Unspoilt and isolated beach. Due to being South West facing it picks up good swells along the length of the beach. No facilities and it's location mean it is unlikely to be crowded, for this reason it's probably not a good choice for beginners.

Llangennith (Hillend)
Popular consistent beach with breaks along its length. Can be crowded when good. Suitable for beginners. Surf school, facilities, caravan and camp site all nearby.

Porth Oer / Whistling Sands
North West facing Beach. Waves can be good when South winds combine with a sizable swell. Beach break with rocks at to the end of the beach which can cause strong rips. Summer only.

West wales surfing spots-



3.fresh water west

4.fresh water east



7.secret spot west wales (try asking the dolphin)


9.tenby south beach




Live streaming webcam over looking Poppit sands Cardigan pembrokshire wales

24 hour live webcam 360 degree tilt function.

Aberporth beach- very safe bathing with fantastic sandy beach,lifeguard in high season.swell works well on given days.

Great beach for learning to surf , careful of the weavers in summer though, hunting ground of the famous bottle nose dolphin and grey seals!


Tresaith beach-great sandy beach,firm favourite for clean waters and great beach-

tresaithPenbryn beach- situated between Tresaith and llangranog beach Penbryn is probably the most stunning beach in the british isles.Used for the bond film tomorrow never dies .





wave buoys-


aberporth buoy -